Dog Tries to Show Baby That Green Beans are Good, But Baby Can’t Stop Laughing


Babies are cute, and so are nice pets. It’s actually much cuter when you’ve a baby and a pet in the house. With that, there’s always something to laugh about. The mom in this video has decided to get the dog and the baby to enjoy a moment of pure bliss. Not even the dad can ignore this!

So here we’ve a dog, and then we’ve a kid that seems to love dog antics. Mom knows that, so she arranges with the dog to get the kid to crack up. In the clip, you watch as mom tosses some green beans in the air while the fast dog jumps to catch them. Just beside mom is the baby seated, comfortably watching the event and getting all entertained and out of scope with anything serious. This kid just can’t shut up!

It’s like laughter-fest around here. The dog loves the action. It keeps her active and still feeding. The mom likes it too.

The dad is laughing. This is so nice!



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