These Dresses Are Causing A HUGE Stir… I Don’t Know What To Think!


Growing up, I always heard that pink, baby dolls, and colorful ponies were for girls — whereas blue, dinosaurs, and shiny spaceships were for boys. I never really thought twice about it. So naturally, as a kid, my eye always gravitated toward anything pink, sparkly, and covered with rainbow animals. (Well, to be honest, my eye still gravitates to these things even as an adult.)

But Princess Awesome wants to change all that.

Two seamstresses, Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair, have launched a campaign to bring diversity to our concept of “girly.” With six children between the two, these friends and business partners definitely know the challenges that come with dressing girls. What do you do if your little girl loves cute dresses, but doesn’t necessarily love flowery patterns? Since stores offer such limited options, your only choice would be to make her dresses yourself — which is exactly what Rebecca and Eva did!

“We believe that if a girl likes purple, and also likes trucks, she should be able to wear a purple truck dress,” says Princess Awesome. “And if a girl likes princesses, and also aliens, then an alien princess skirt is for her.”

What do you think? Should we start rethinking what is “girly” and “boyish?” Should little girls see more diverse options?

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This adorable dress, patterned with the mathematical symbol for pi, is Princess Awesome’s most popular style.


Princess Awesome

“…Butterflies are awesome, and so are airplanes… Monsters are awesome, and so are twirly skirts…”


Princess Awesome

“Girls are awesome and girls decide what it means to be girly.”



Princess Awesome

“The skirts on our play dresses allow freedom of movement to climb trees, run races, and do all the things active children love to do.”


Princess Awesome

This little girl is rocking bows, bunnies, and buccaneers!

Princess-Awesome-8-600x1006and buccaneers!

Princess Awesome

Robots and ribbons seem like a cute combo to me!


Princess Awesome

This periodic table pattern proves she’s a cutie and a brain!

Princess-Awesome-10-600x896and a brain!

Princess Awesome

“Where fashion and heavy machinery meet!”


Princess Awesome

Little girls and classic art? Watch out, world! Monet’s Water Lilies is coming to a playground near you!

Princess-Awesome-12Water Lilies is coming to a playground near you!

Princess Awesome

With her Starry Night dress, maybe she’ll be the next Carl Sagan!

Princess-Awesome-13-600x1114Starry Night dress, maybe she’ll be the next Carl Sagan!

Princess Awesome

“Cute, cute, cute — and now they’ll say something about her brains…”


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