Furniture Delivery Guys Find Out They Are Long-Lost Brothers


Randy Joubert and Gary Nisbet had been having a good time working together as furniture deliverymen. Customers would ask them all the time if they were brothers. Little did the men know, they were right.

They had gotten used to the inquiry, but finally after hearing the question again, Randy just came right out and asked. He wanted to know if Gary was adopted, too. The answer was yes. Then he asked his birthday: June 10, 1974. Randy knew that birthday, it was the birthday of the younger brother he never met. Then he asked is he knew the names of his biological parents — they were the same as his.

“I said, ‘Gary, do you understand what I am telling you? We are brothers,’” Randy says. “I think I kept saying that. We had a few more deliveries and it was just the Twilight Zone.”

The men had been delivering furniture together for six weeks and they were brothers all along. We’ve seen this before with the long-lost mother and son who became coworkers.

Randy and Gary had been adopted by two different local families. They were always close by; they even went to rival high schools. Then something as simple as a delivery job reunited them.

“I went home and I just dropped,” said Gary. “I thought, ‘I think I have a brother.’”  The odds seem so slim, one can’t wonder if it was fate…

See how Gary’s and Randy’s coworkers react when they tell them the big news below!

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