Get Festive By Making This Gigantic Holiday Lollipop Decoration Out Of A Pool Noodle


Christmas time comes hand-in-hand with festive decorations.

Whether it’s a big Christmas tree with special ornaments or bright lights hanging on neighbors’ lawns, these decorations add more cheer to the season of giving.

Below is another decoration that’s sure to spice up the holiday even more. It’s a gigantic lollipop made by DIY expert Tanya Memme, who presented it on the Hallmark Channel. And it’s not as difficult to put together as one might assume.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hot glue gun
2 pool noodles
Colorful duct tape
PVC Pipe
X-Acto knife
Cellophane sheets
You simply glue the pool noodles together and then cover them with the colorful duct tape – or as Memme calls it, “striping.” Then you use some strength to carefully roll the pool noodles to form what should look like the top of a lollipop. She also shows us how to make the lollipop stick using the PVC pipe as well as some final touches to make it look even more realistic.

The final product just screams festivity! And best part? It cost less than $10 to make this adorable decoration.

Is this something you’ll be trying for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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