Girl Has Up To Ten Seizures A Day Until This Lifesaving Surgery


Cameron Mott is the daughter of Shelly and Casey. Everything was going well for her until she was about three years old; that is when she started having seizures. According to Help Kids, shortly after this began, she was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia which is “an abnormality in the development of the cerebral cortex.” When she started having up to ten seizures a day, she began taking a sedative, which helped for a time. But by the time she was five, the effectiveness of the sedative started wearing off and she began having seizures again, with her cognitive intelligence declining.

At this time, she was re-evaluated and they found she had Rasmussen’s syndrome which is “an autoimmune disorder that causes progressive neurologic deterioration as the body produces antibodies that attack its own brain cells.” Her parents went on a desperate search to find a way to help her, but ultimately it was decided the best course of action was a hemispherectomy; part of her brain would have to be removed. WebMD states that “85% of people who have a functional hemispherectomy will experience significant improvement in their seizures, and about 60% will become seizure-free.” With those odds, they went forward with the procedure for Cameron.

Check out the video to see how the surgery works out and how she is doing today. Beware, some of her seizures have been caught on film and they are difficult to watch.


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