Gospel Choir Serenades Airline Passengers With Amazing Version Of ‘Oh Happy Day’


For some people, flying in an airplane can be one of the most horrifying moments of their life. Whether it be the fact that they’re flying thousands of feet in the air, or perhaps because they’re stuck in a tiny metal tube, one thing is certain: they hate flying!

Even though there are thousands of books with instructions on how to beat your fear of flying, and there are even special therapy dogs to help sooth the fears of any flier, some people are still terrified at the prospect of soaring through the sky.

Thankfully, anyone on one particular flight over the Atlantic Ocean most likely had their fears stoppered the moment they heard the smooth voices of the Virginia State University Gospel Chorus. This amazing group of talented young people all got together to perform a truly stunning version of “Oh Happy Day,” a gospel favorite that has a long history.

The song itself is based off of an 18th-century hymn that was rearranged by Edwin Hawkins in the late 1960s. The song is filled with a joyful spirit and an intense energy that makes just about anyone’s toe tap whenever they hear it.

But when this group of singers manages to pull it off 35,000 feet in the sky? Seems like the angels in the clouds have some new competition!

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