“How Great Thou Art” Sung By 8-Year-Old Sam Santiago


When singer Sam Santiago was just 8 years old he managed to belt out one of the most stunning versions of the beautiful Christian tune, “How Great Thou Art” you’ve ever heard in your entire life.

Now 13 years old, it was the clip below that really started Santiago’s rise to stardom. Though he’s been singing since the age of two, it wasn’t until he was 6 years old that his parents finally started to take him to singing lessons.

His amazing pitch and ability to reach any note, added in with his incredible ability to keep a crowd enamored by his personality, this little boy is on the clear path to becoming one of our nation’s top entertainers.

The song he sings, is known as one of the most famous hymns of all time, the first being the beautiful song, “Amazing Grace,” of course! The peaceful nature of “How Great Thou Art” really helps describe the glory of God, and the beauty of Earth as a whole.

The song was written back in the late 1800s as poet Carl Boberg found himself caught in a storm. The storm clouds suddenly subsided and Boberg was given a view of the beautiful landscape.

The little boy below perfectly captures that sense of beauty and wonder. At such a young age he really must be one of those “old souls” that you hear about from time to time. It’s no wonder why Maury officially declared him as one of the most talented children in the entirety of America!

Please watch his amazing version of such an amazing song!

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