This Haunted House Takes A Flash Photo At The Exact Scariest Moment. These 30 Reactions Are Hysterical.


For the past four years, the brilliantly twisted geniuses at a Canada-based attraction called Nightmares Fear Factory  have been running an automatic camera that snaps pictures of spooked people at the perfect moment, a split second after a big scare in the pitch dark. Since it’s a flash, it catches their hysterical reactions.

So for those of us too afraid to enter, we can still laugh at these hilarious conga lines of scared people, clinging to their children, parents, family or friends in sheer terror.

For those wondering what the “scare” is, it’s a car coming out of the shadows and racing directly towards them.

If you find yourself near Niagara Falls make sure to check out this haunted house, and who knows, your picture might just end up here for us to laugh at.

Source: Nightmares Fear Factory



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