Intelligent Chihuahua Mimics His Owner’s Risky Stunts And Steals The Show


If you ever got the chance to watch Animal Plant’s now-discontinued “Pet Stars,” then you’re already well aware of what animals can do. It’s amazing watching our animal friends jump through hoops and respond to various commands from “roll over” to “sit.” Sometimes it seems that our pets even know our native language. The second we say “bath” or “treat,” they either run away in fright or coming drooling at our feet. There are still individuals out there who believe animals are unintelligent creatures.

Of course, training our pets to perform neat tricks, or even just a simple command, can take hard work and a lot of treats as a reward system. Some pets are even easier or harder to train than others, depending on the type of animal they are and on their cognition. Heck, some owners can’t even get their cat or canine to stop going number one or two–or both–in the wrong places. (I’m embarrassingly a victim of this.)

Some even claim that certain dog breeds are more intelligent than others, such as a German shepherd versus a chihuahua. But what if I told you an owner-pup duo could disprove the misconception that dogs, particularly tiny dogs, aren’t smart? Well, it’s true.

Chihuahua owner, Christian Stoinev, can perform a neat stunt: doing a handstand on top of two basketballs, something that takes great balance and bravery. This alone is cool enough on its own. “Okayyyy, so what about the dog?” you may be thinking. I’m getting there.

But to see what the dog does, you’ll have to jump over to the next page!



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