They heard a whimper coming from a garbage bag and when they opened it they were horrified


When two ladies were walking along a path, they happened upon a garbage bag that was tied up and lying in piles of rubble. When they heard a small whimper coming from the bag, they could not believe it. Carefully, they opened it and what they saw inside made them cry.

A poor dog was inside the bag and he had been bound around his legs. He was in such bad shape, the women who found him thought he was about to die.

Although this is a horrific story, it does have a happy ending so make sure you read it all. SHARE with your friends on Facebook to raise awareness.

Emergency help was needed. One of the animal rescue volunteers, Linda Li, arrived to find the dog’s life in danger. His body was infested with ticks and fly larvae – the pests were eating his flesh alive!



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