Hilarious! Daddy And Daughter Dance While Mom’s Away


Just when I thought I’d already seen the most adorable daddy/daughter dance of all time, something like this comes along and makes me fall in love all over again.

According to YouTube user “nmitch1″ this is what happens when Dad and his daughter, Jayden, are left alone with a camera and Mom isn’t home to supervise. Happily snapped into her baby carrier, Dad swings his six-month-old daughter around to the funky sounds of Justin Timberlake, and he does it all with the most serious “cool guy” look on his face. Their matching hats and sunglasses are too adorable bear!

In just two minutes, this sweet dance routine captures the importance of taking time to have fun and be silly with your loved ones. This little girl is so lucky to have such an amazing father.

Though this video was posted way back in 2007, it still stands the test of time. By now, Jayden is eight years old and still hamming it up for the camera.

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