Homeowner Uses Brick Pavers And Hard Work To Transform His Backyard’s Landscape


A Canberra, Australia, couple can proudly claim that their home is not only where the heart is, but it’s also where their fantastic backyard is.

A backyard, as it turns out, that started as anything but fantastic.

On Sept. 26, 2010, Tommy posted the video below under his YouTube username DATS4REAL to show the dramatic transformation. “We finally bought our first home,” the YouTube clip points out, “but the backyard was far from pretty.”

Before Tommy of Canberra could stand on his wooden deck and see ornate paths of concrete brick pavers, an elevated fire pit, and lush emerald green grass to squeeze beneath his toes, he would have to plan.

By planning, digging, and tactfully laying concrete brick pavers one by one, Tommy’s lackluster backyard slowly morphed into a beautifully landscaped wonderland he could be proud of.

Traipsing over the meandering path of concrete brick pavers and stone slabs reveals an elevated fire pit encompassed by an elegant horseshoe-shape bench clad with wood. A matching wooden-wall backsplash helps trap the heat, and creates the perfect environment for enjoying some fresh air on a chilly Canberra evening.

If Tommy is looking for a little solitude, he can thumb through the pages of his favorite book or just gaze at the planted flowers from the wicker rattan cocoon-style chair. When he’s done, he can tend to his garden, which he separated with a shallow wall of wooden posts.

Planning is everything. Tommy was able to fit a large number of landscape design elements in a finite space because he planned. For example, the video reveals images of pink outlines which show how Tommy intended to both connect and delineate all the different landscape design elements with the use of concrete brick pavers and stone slabs.

Four months of diligent work yielded some spectacular results. So yes, home is indeed where the heart is, but for this couple from Canberra, Australia, their backyard is where their heart and soul are.



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