This Horse Stands At Attention Until They Put On A Billy Ray Cyrus Song… Watch His Legs!


Whenever I think of Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1992 hit “Achy Breaky Heart” from now on, the video below will pop into my head each time.

The clip, shared by Cyrus himself on Facebook with the title “Best thing ever,” shows one of the most adorable dance sequences I’ve ever seen. The star of the show: a big, dark horse.

Dancing animals are certainly a sight to see. There’sNathan the hairless Chinese crested dog who stole hearts when he was recorded dancing up a storm to Cupid’s “Cupid Shuffle.” There’s also Carrie the golden retriever, who has become famous for her Latin dancing while wearing a skirt.

But, you probably aren’t very accustomed to seeing a horse performing a line dancing routine. As soon as the beat starts, the four-legged beauty and his fellow dancers simply blew me away. Just seconds into this video you’ll see for yourself just how intelligent these animals are!

The crowd also seemed to love the routine as they cheered and clapped loudly in the end.

And, many of Cyrus’ fans were just as impressed by the video, including one who wrote, “ I think that he really enjoyed that, as soon as he heard the music he was ready.”

Watch the adorable video below and please SHARE with all the horse lovers you know!




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