This Little Girl Beats A Marine In A Push-Up Contest


To become one of the few and proud members of the United States Marine Corps you have to make it through one of the hardest training regiments of all time: the dreaded Marine Corps boot camp.

Boot camp is able to break even the strongest willed men and women, this elite training is meant to tear down a recruit’s ego in order to properly build them up again as a tried and true Marine.

These recruits somehow manage to fight through sleepless nights, cold weather, hot weather, mud, rain, sweat, blood, and tears. All of this in order to sculpt the best warriors that our planet has ever seen in the history of warfare.

So, when a group of Marines and Marine cadets were at their local mall to help recruit new members, everyone was a bit taken aback when a little girl walked up to one of the men and demanded they have a push-up contest.

The Marine’s buddies probably all laughed and forced the young Marine to go toe-to-toe with the young girl, and when the contest began everyone quickly saw that the little girl was certainlyholding her own in this challenge!

While it was all just fun and games, this little girl should certainly think about joining the Marine Corps when she’s of age. With an attitude like that and the confidence to challenge a Marine to a push-up contest, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her! Once she get’s a little older we’re sure she’ll be one of the few that can make it through boot camp!

The cheering crowd all seemed to agree that the little girl won the contest, but who do you think won? The little girl got more in, but her technique was a bit off. The Marine got less in, but his push-ups were all the proper Marine Corps form. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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