They LOOK Adorable, But When They Start Dancing, The Judges Were In Total SHOCK!


Who doesn’t love seeing little kids with big, big talent?

For some reason, it’s just so much more entertaining to me to watch little kids on the dance floor than seasoned professionals. Most times, kids in talent competitions hope to get by just by being tiny and cute. But every so often we’ll see kids who completely blow our minds, just like these tiny salsa dancers.

The following video is from Ukraine’s Got Talent, where we see two tiny dancers completely blow us away with their mature dance moves. The boy, Yuta, is seven years old, while his adorable partner, Karina, is only six. However, they must have been dancing together from a very young age, because what they can do is really, really tough for any kid to pull off.

At first, the judges are completely fooled by their cute outfits and “babyish” song choice. I’m not sure if the tune is a nursery rhyme or traditional music from the Ukraine, but one thing is for sure: They don’t need any “extras” to impress the judges and audience.

“You deeply impressed me and my coworkers” one of the judges reveals to the kids after they take a bow. I completely agree, and something tells me you’ll feel the same way, too. I’ve never seen little kids do anything this before!

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