She Looks Like A Sweet Old Granny, But When The Music Starts, The Judges Are Shocked!


Here’s an audition that left the judges shocked, as a 71-year-old grandmother delivers a song in a style and using words that were definitely not expected!

During the fifth week of auditions on Britain’s Got Talent, in walked Kelly Fox. The sassy senior rocker surprised everyone in the room with her hilarious rendition of “Kiss My A** Baby” by The All Purpose Blues Band. With lyrics like, “Ain’t gonna take your trash no more / I’m walking my a** right out the door,” it’s no wonder the judges were dumbfounded when the music started!

The grandmother — who reinvented herself as a singer for the TV talent show — also discussed working with stripping acts, including the Chippendales!

Kelly is a professional comedian who was in the finals of the New Faces talent show in the 1980s. She spoke out about her days working as a comedian in nightclubs. Kelly told one news outlet, “There would always be cheeky men barging into the room. It was a bit sleazy but my husband would protect me from them and shield me,’ she said, praising her husband, Jim. “I wouldn’t be here without him.”

Kelly reminds me of 84-year-old Ray Jessel, who stunned judges with his original and hilariously inappropriate song. I love watching seniors prove you’re only as old as you feel.

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