Mailman Comes To The Rescue Of A Distressed Mother And Child


Being in the right place at the right time can lead to some pretty extraordinary moments. When mother Stephanie Cooper witnessed her 11-month-old choking on a piece of plastic, she sprung to his aid and attempted to dislodge the object. Cooper told news reporters that she was hitting him on his back, but to no avail; the plastic remained and her baby Eli continued choking.

In a desperate panic, Cooper fled the house with Eli looking for any sign of someone who could help. At this point, Cooper doesn’t recall exactly what happened, but an unlikely hero in the form of the neighborhood mailman rushed to the scene. Mailman Chris Brown just happened to be on his usual paper route when Cooper emerged from the house with Eli. He immediately took the child and performed the Heimlich maneuver, and the piece of plastic was expelled.

The Coopers consider Brown a hero for saving their son, but Brown insists he just did what anyone would do in that kind of situation. Nevertheless, the story is nothing short of incredible. Watch it for yourself and SHARE your thoughts with us in the comments.



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