Man Builds Magical, Living Green Church, And The Tour Inside Is Gorgeous


Barry Cox from New Zealand has been traveling for years to soak up the sights of his ever-deepening appreciation for church architecture. At one point, Barry had high hopes of becoming the Pope but later determined that he was better suited as a tree specialist.

It was in April 2011 that Barry stepped out of his back door and had an idea. On a whim, he started to clear the area on his property for what he had in mind; he would combine both his love of churches and trees and make a church made out of trees.

He built the metal frame based on years of accumulated research and study on the construction of churches. He then implemented a specialized tree-moving machine to help take out some of the grunt work required to relocate the trees.

Barry selected the Cut Leaf Adler, wanting a variety of tree with low foliage, specifically for sunlight to pour through. The walls of the church are denser, made from Copper Sheen, an Australian tree known for its heavy textured leaf, giving the main structure its thick and lush walls.

The 100-person space was initially meant to be the man’s very own personal sanctuary, but with such a magical hotspot like this, folks have been lining up to say their “I Dos” like it’s going out of business. And the opposite couldn’t be truer–Barry’s gorgeous 200-acre property also features a labyrinth walk, and outdoor canopy, perfect for the elaborate weddings, receptions, parties and other events he hosts twice a week.



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