Man Makes ‘Brilliant’ Plan to Keep Cat From Waking Him. But Kitty’s Smart Reaction Has Internet in Stitches


By all accounts, cats are some of the cutest creatures we’ve around. They’re also some curious little beings who won’t take no for an answer when they want to know something. If you try to “game” them, they end up “check-mating” you. This owner now knows how this works!

So this guy has a cat, and he doesn’t want him to keep running from room to room, so he comes up with his way of keeping the feline at bay. There’s this one room that he tries to keep the little thing from, so he figures he could start his big “experiment” there.

Now, he knows that his cat hates water, so he figures that if he put a tub of water at the door, the cat wouldn’t get anywhere near that place. Turns out, this feline isn’t the ordinary “see-and-run” type. This cats measures up to the tasks and hatches his own plan. Talk of battle of wits!

When the cat comes along and finds the water tub at the door, he does what a smart being would do. Watch as he uses his acrobatic skills to check-mate his human. I can’t believe this.



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