Mom’s Touching Photo Of Son With Kind Cashier Goes Viral


When Kimberly Grandinette was shopping at her local Meijer store, her 3-year-old son did something a little unexpected. Kimberly’s youngest son has been in the hospital for the last few days. Her 3-year-old hasn’t taken the news easy. What big brother wouldn’t be worried about their younger sibling?

The little guy has been feeling incredibly down and out, knowing that he would be spending the holidays without his brother. That’s why a certain cashier, named Kristen, made a pretty huge impression with a small gesture. We’ve seen employees like this before, recently another cashier let a couple of down and out kids pay what they could for a hot meal. Kimberly was so taken aback by the woman’s kindness and how much it brightened her son’s day, she had to take a photo. After she posted it on Facebook, her wonderful message has been shared over 110,000 times!

See Kimberly’s touching letter to the cashier who went above and beyond below…


“I just wanted to tell you about an awesome experience I had today. My three year old son and I went through the checkout at the end of our trip,” Kimberly wrote on Facebook.



“I was telling the cashier, Kristen, that my infant son is in the hospital right now and that my three year old is having a pretty rough time with all of the changes in routine and changes at home it is causing. Then my three year old asked Kristen if he could help her ring our groceries.”


“She looked at my son and said, ‘Certainly,’ and brought him behind the register with her. She was so patient with him as she let him help her scan the coupons and she made him feel like a million bucks.”


“He skipped out of the store with a smile on his face. Thank you, Kristen, for making my son’s day (and my day!) a bit brighter. Merry Christmas!!”

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