Man’s Classical Version Of “Hallelujah” Is So Heartfelt, It’s Giving Everyone Goosebumps


We just can’t get enough of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Seriously. Over 100 versions of the song have been recorded, and it’s not like the lyrics magically flooded the writer’s head. This masterpiece was the agony and ecstasy for Leonard who worked on it for over two years and originally wrote 80 verses. He poured his blood, sweat, and tears into this song for over 30 years ago, the fruits of his labor still ripe for the picking today by the musicians who choose to cover his classic.

Such a powerful song spins off yet another powerful rendition. When Leonard wrote “Hallelujah” at a low point in his career, he never imagined the heights his b-side lyrics would eventually take him to, or how this song would profoundly impact people’s lives – both the people who love to listen to the classic and those who sing it to further their own careers, like Jonathan Antoine.



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