This Man’s Touching Message Had Me In Tears. Everyone Should Follow This Advice.


From the time you are a small child receiving your first tricycle, bicycle, or pair of skates, you will always hear your mom or dad calling after you to make sure you have your helmet along for the ride.

By the time you are an adult, it seems like it is just good common sense to always protect your head. This is especially when you’ve seen proof of just how important they are, like we saw in a video of a skateboarder slamming his head on the asphalt…only to immediately pop up and exclaim “I love helmets!”.

While there are people who choose to ride their beach cruiser sans helmet, as they ride five miles per hour along the path, or students who choose to ride their skateboards to class without all the extra gear — when it comes to riding a motorcycle, it just seems like everyone should know better and make that one small decision that can mean the difference between life and death.

Yet, for whatever reason, there are still people who choose to ride their motorcycles, whether in the city or on the freeway, without anything to protect them if they are to get into an accident.

The man in this video shares an extremely real and emotional story after witnessing a motorcycle rider get into an accident, narrowly missing death.

Whether or not his message applies to you, it should be taken to heart by anybody that owns a motorcycle or street bike and shared with your loved ones.

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