Many Parents Report This New Toy Is Ruining Their Children’s Hair


With the holiday season fast approaching, parents, grandparents, and family members are on the lookout for special gifts they can give their little loved ones.

New on the market is a children’s toy that’s definitely making waves. They’re called “Bunchems” — and much like these shocking toys from the past, they’re making quite the impression.

Manufactured by toy company Spin Master, the Bunchems are little plastic balls that adhere to each other. Kids can use them to make all sorts of different shapes, animals, and figures, and the concept itself is pretty wonderful.

However, many frustrated parents have taken to the Internet to express their anger at the Bunchem toys.

Apparently, these little balls can very easily get tangled up in kid’s hair, and are terribly hard to extract…

Scroll further to read some of the reviews from frustrated parents, and let us know your thoughts about toys like this in the comments below!


Toy company Spin Master has created an interesting item that’s hit shelves all across the country: Bunchems, little plastic balls that kids can stick together to make different shapes.


Although the company initially saw a wonderfully positive response from both parents and children, many parents have taken to the Internet to voice their serious concerns about the toy.


Apparently, the little Bunchem balls created problems when they started sticking to the children’s hair.

In their angry reviews, most parents have agreed that the Bunchems are extremely hard to get out.



One reviewer writes: “Bought this as a ‘feel better’ gift for a kid stuck at home for a week with a bad fracture. It was all she wanted because it was all over the television. It took 15 minutes for 15 of these plastic burrs to become embedded in her hair, and 5 minutes for her friend to irreversibly damage her hair trying to remove them so they wouldn’t have to show me.”


Another reviewer posted this photo, begging other customers, “Just don’t do it, don’t buy these. My poor niece with long beautiful hair begged me not to cut it. Soldiered for 9 hours on her birthday before gracefully giving up. Her butt length hair is now chin length I was luck to save that much. These toys are ridiculous.”


Many parents have complained that they had to drag their little girls to get haircuts due to the sticky toys.

“Unless you were planning on getting your kid a pixie cut or shaving their head already, don’t buy these!” said another reviewer.


Several angry parents have also added tips in their reviews for other parents, recommending ways to remove the Bunchem toys from their kids’ damaged hair.


Arlene Biran, the company’s vice president of marketing, has said that the Bunchems “are intended only to be adhered to other Bunchems,” and that it does state on the package that kids and parents should keep the toys away from the hair.

The company has also released a video with steps to remove the Bunchems from hair, recommending using hair conditioner or vegetable oil for removal.


As with all products, it’s always best to read reviews — and the warning labels — before giving them as gifts.

What are your thoughts on these interesting little toys? Let us know in the comments below!

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