Marine Dad Gets The Surprise Of His Life When He Sees His Disabled Son Walk For The First Time


While the marine dad in this video was stationed in Afghanistan, he and his wife received news that caused their hearts to drop in defeat. Their young son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and doctors told them he would need a wheelchair or walker for the rest of his life.

While his dad was away, little Michael one day stood up and started to walk. Before long, he was taking more and more steps and was soon walking quite a distance.

When this dad came home from Afghanistan, he was greeted with a surprise he will never forget! Instead of his son greeting him in a wheelchair, he came out walking on his own. Can you imagine the surprise and love that must have swept through this dad’s soul? This young man is overcoming all of the odds and working to prove his disability will not hold him back. Watch this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.



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