Marine Relies On Training To Save Two Women


When former Marine Stephen Wilson saw the results of a horrific accident in the road ahead, his instincts kicked in. He stopped his car and rushed out to see if he could lend any assistance. Two women, who had been riding a motorcycle together were severely injured and in danger of bleeding to death. Unsure how long it would take for emergency crews to arrive, Wilson knew immediate action was necessary if there would be any hope in saving their lives.

Tourniquets are currently considered last resort emergency practices. If there are other means of stopping bleeding without cutting off circulation to the entire extremity, they are preferred. In this case however, the situation was too far gone for typical compression techniques. Wilson’s training allowed him to make the quick assessments needed to determine the best course of action. Remaining calm and in control, he managed the crowd and used what was around him to save the lives of two women. A true hero.



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