Marine Surpises His Sister On Her Wedding Day


It was the most exciting day of Sarah’s life, yet ahuge piece of her heart was missing — her brother and best friend, Daniel. The active duty Marine wasn’t supposed to be at her wedding, and though she came to accept it, his absence was a hard pill for Sarah to swallow. Yet in true best friend form, Sarah received a last-minute surprise that shocked her to the core.

Little did Sarah know that Daniel was able to take a one-day leave to celebrate her marriage. When she turns around in her wedding dress to see Daniel walking in her direction, my eyes filled with tears. Her reaction is precisely why this video has gone viral with millions of views on YouTube. It’s clear how much these two love and miss each other. When I have kids, I can only hope they show this kind of love towards each other.

I am so thankful for the sacrifices these brave men and women make for our freedom every single day, but happy to see these two share a much-deserved moment together.

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