These Are Most Mean-Spirited (And Hilarious) Cakes Ever Made.


If you have a friend that is willing to make you a cake for a special occasion, that is awesome. Baking truly is an art form that has been mastered by few chefs. Don’t let the overwhelming amount of “cake” reality shows trick you into thinking it’s easy.

If your master cake maker friend has a twisted sense of humor, though, you could end up with a cake like this. It’d still be delicious, but… LOL:



1.) Tell me how you really feel!

2.) Hey, age is just a number!

3.) I’m really not looking forward to turning 40 now.

4.) I guess it’s the sentiment that counts.

5.) Well this cake looks kind of crappy.

6.) I wonder if this person’s friends even really like them?

7.) Gotta keep em up somehow.

8.) Well, maybe we don’t want to grow up!

9.) Well, that’s an odd thing to celebrate, but cake IS awesome.

10.) Wow, I’m REALLY not looking forward to turning 40.

11.) I think this is a better way to get the message across.

12.) This is creepily delicious looking.

13.) At least that fart won’t smell.

14.) Gee thanks!

15.) Get that OFF MY LAWN!

16.) This is why Americans hate soccer.


Nothing could stop me from eating cake, even ones with these ridiculous sentiments. They still look delicious! Share with your friends on Facebook by clicking the button below.



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