Mom discovers which one of her dogs stole cookie in most hilarious way


Tese dogs’ eyes say it all: one of us ate the cookie off the counter and we are so busted. However, in a video uploaded on July 15, 2014, Harley is very quick to point the blame at his sister, Wiloa, when sat side-by-side and interrogated by their owner. Talk about a sibling betrayal.

According to owner Alex Hutchinson’s website, Harley and Wiloa are the inspirations behind her company, Bark Badges. Hutchinson explains that Harley (the snitch) is notorious for being a “mama’s boy” with an interest in “just plain mischief,” while Wiloa (the guilty party) is “affectionate and easy going.” And these two dispositions are abundantly obvious during the cookie inquisition.

Hutchinson explains on her website that she has worked with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) since 2003 and had intended to train Harley and Wiloa as service dogs, but their larger-than-life personalities (and preference for food and snuggles) prevented them from completing the programs. Still, Hutchinson, based in New York, concedes that, “Harley, Wiloa and I often visit our friends at CCI for a day of swimming in the pond or wrestling in the play yard.”




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