A Unique Way To Repurpose An Old Bathtub


There are few things in life as rewarding as building something with your very own hands. As the field for DIY projects continues to grow with everything from DIY lip balm to DIY chandeliers, it’s difficult to keep an accurate pulse on which projects are worth trying and which ones aren’t. Thanks to the creative staff at Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing In Maryland, a gorgeous bathtub-turned-sofa project is only a click away from becoming your next DIY project.

Inspired by the all-time classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, staff at the custom tile company transformed an old, dirty, claw-foot tub into a sleek sofa with a unique twist. The style originally appeared in 1961 as an eye-catching feature in main character Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The memorable piece of furniture has inspired countless others to make tub-sofa’s a chic part of their home.

The video begins with the claw-foot tub lying on its side as craftsmen cut it into the shape of the sofa using an angle grinder. While this project is possible to do on your own, it does require the use of heavy-duty tools so seeking another’s help is recommended. After the tub is cut into the desired shape for the sofa, it’s important to go over it with a sander to grind down any rough edges. Priming and painting is all that remains before the claw feet are reattached to the bottom of the tub.

The growing popularity of the tub-sofa has landed it on a number of how-to sites. Green living site Greenmoxie details every step required to transform bathtubs into vintage sofas. This project provides a way to repurpose an otherwise useless and bulky household item that many consider throwing away every year. Take a look at the video and tell us if you’re interested in giving it a try in the comments.



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