Mom Wakes Up From Coma To Deliver Healthy Baby


It was an unthinkable accident. While Jenny Quiles was crossing the street, at 33 weeks pregnant, she was hit by a tow truck. As she was hit, Jenny shielded her pregnant belly, and the act would save her baby’s life. Doctors induced a coma to reduce brain trauma. Her surviving the accident was a miracle in and of itself. The second miracle was an unbelievable gift. Two weeks later, Jenny woke up from her coma to deliver her baby.

“It’s the best day of my life right now,” her husband, Angel, told ABC Action News’ Cameron Polon. After about a week in the hospital, the father was able to bring his daughter home.

“The biggest thing I can say is thank God because this is a miracle,” he said. While Jenny was early in her road to recovery during this report, a recent update from Hola Ciudad indicates the mom is doing much better. Jenny is able to speak, walk, and even dance. Angel still has one piece of advice for men out there.

“Give them everything you can today because tomorrow is not promised to no one. Love your wife, love your child, because that’s all you have at the end of the day,” he told The St. Petersburg Tribune.

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