Rescue Mama Acts As Surrogate To Five Pit Bull Puppies


When Dr. Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary got wind that a new mama was going to be euthanized at the Pinal County shelter, she knew it was her job to get the mother out. The team at Circle L. Ranch were able to save the mother and her puppies that were just 6 days old.

According to American Humane, “56 percent of dogs and 71 percent of cats that enter animal shelters are euthanized. More cats are euthanized than dogs because they are more likely to enter a shelter without any owner identification.” Only around 25 percent of dogs and cats that enter a shelter are actually adopted. In 2008, 3.7 million animals were euthanized alone. Like Julie Covert who uprooted her life to devote it to saving dogs, Deborah is doing some seriously important rescue work.

When Deborah noticed the mom was nursing her little babies, she got one amazing idea…


Dr. Deborah Wilson from Circle L. Ranch got news that a mother of two was going to be euthanized. The mother’s two babies were just 6 days old. Deborah brought the mom and her babies to the ranch — but then they get another phone call.


Deborah got word from a tipster that a man was threatening to drown nine pit bull puppies if someone didn’t take them. The Circle L. Ranch and the rescue community got together to rescue the babies. Deborah took five to the ranch and another organization saved the other four pups. But it’s what the rescue mama did for these babies that’s beautiful…



The mother is now nursing her own two babies and acting as a surrogate for her five adoptees.

“We introduced the runt to her, she sniffed him and licked him, we placed him down on her nipples and he started eating right away. She was OK with it and seemed pleased. So one by one we brought in the others, she excepted [sic] all of them,” Deborah wrote on Facebook.


“She is the best mom. Even though the new five are older, they are smaller than her two.” Just take one look at that: a new family started in the midst of what seemed like endless darkness!


Deborah and the rescue team are thankful to the community that got word of the abuse and reported it. Because of people devoted to the welfare of animals, this mama and her babies were saved.

“Thanks to the kindness of rescue folks and social media, these innocent puppies were not drowned. They will be fed, cared for, spayed and neutered and eventually adopted out at the ranch,” she said.

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