Mom’s dollar store purchase sparks outrage


Like most people, Nicole Allen ventured to her local dollar store to pick up a few items without breaking the bank. While there, she perused the toy section to find something suitable for her 2-year-old daughter. What Allen thought to be a harmless trinket turned out to be something quite alarming.

“I’m outraged over it,” Allen told Ohio’s WHIO after making a rather unsettling discovery.

What had the mother so upset? It’s a toy called the Evilstick, and while the name may sound a bit foreboding, the brightly colored packaging assured Allen that this was an appropriate toy for her daughter. She quickly found out that that wasn’t the case.

Behind the foil covering of the wand-like toy was a graphic image of a young girl slitting her wrists — not what you’d expect from a toy that is supposed to play music and features fairies and snowflakes on the package. Understandably, Allen was angered that the dollar store would sell such a product, “I want to know how they think that that is suitable for a child,” she told WHIO.

Dollar store merchandise isn’t typically known for its quality, but to find something graphic like this is certainly unexpected.

Store owner Amar Moustafa defended his decision to sell the item. Moustafa insisted that it is the parent’s responsibility to be more cautious when picking out toys for their children. “From the name, if I am buying it for my kid … I would inspect it before I even give it to them,” he said, as reported by The Independent.

Interestingly enough, Moustafa said the toy quickly sold out after it garnered media attention, according to a follow-up report by WHIO. He had to turn down many customers who were interested in purchasing it. Moustafa claimed that the dollar store product had been collecting dust on the shelves for a couple years before this all unfolded. He also noted that he purchased the toys from a convention, but was unable to recall the manufacturer’s name.

We can assume that Allen won’t be returning to that dollar store in Dayton. She’ll likely also be paying more attention to what she buys for her children from here on out.

Below, you can watch the brief news clip where you’ll catch a glimpse of the infamous toy.



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