This One-Week-Old Baby Was Near Death And Separated From His Family. His Second Chance Brought A Tear To My Eye!


NDotto the baby elephant was only one week old when he came to the Elephant Orphans Project. He came after a Samburu tribesman walked an entire day to tell workers at the facility that there was a baby in his village who was being cared for. The baby was left behind after his herd stampeded, and he was so young that his umbilical cord was still attached when the tribe found him.

After the baby, named NDotto, was taken by helicopter to the Elephant Orphans Project, he was given milk, shelter, and protection. He is one of the newest orphans at the facility, and like the other babies there, needs help in the form of donations. The Elephant Orphans Project uses any and all donations to aid in the care of these orphaned animals and to give them the best life possible!

I’m so glad this baby got a second chance, and I’m grateful there are organizations out there dedicated to saving endangered and orphans animals.

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