Pedigree Shows How Dogs Help Break Social Barriers In New Video ‘The Walk’


In a new ad spot for Pedigree, the brand seeks to “Feed the Good” (its recent advertising endeavor) using four-legged companions as a catalyst for breaking social barriers.

In the 45-second video titled The Walk, we watch as a crotchety older man leaves his home to take his dog out. Agitated by the various intrusions of urban city life (loud cars, passersby, etc.), he spots a young man approaching who’s walking his own dog down the same street. The moment that ensues is one that any dog owner regularly encounters, the question of whether your respective animals are going to play nice. But there are other hesitations at play. As SHOOTonline points out, “they have racial and generational differences — and on the surface seemingly very little in common,” but they move forward with apprehension. Upon meeting, the dogs are well behaved and sociable, and a short conversation between the two men ensues.

“Dogs know no prejudice,” said Larry Allgaier, President of Pedigree’s parent company Mars Petcare North America. “The Walk is just one example of the type of good dogs bring to the world every day. The main characters may appear very different, but by the end, they realize their similarities – and the good in one another – through their dogs.”

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