Cute little Girl Takes The Stage With Dancers And Unleashes A Huge Voice


If you’re passionate, then you’ll be good. Don’t believe it? How do you think all these children became brilliant singers? They don’t have years and years of practice, yet they’re extremely talented for their young age. Right?

Some people don’t spend years with sheet music and a voice coach, practicing day after day and hour after hour to train their voice. They don’t have to train their ears to hear the notes correctly and teach their voice to make the notes. Some people are born with a natural talent.

When children are born with musical talent, they may start to show an aptitude for singing early on. It’s normal for little ones to start singing as toddlers. According to What to Expect, “Toddlers can’t pick out individual notes too well in the songs they hear, but they do enjoy listening to their own voice and experimenting with different pitches. So you may hear your honey start to sing made-up tunes that slide from high to low and back again. And since little ones aren’t big on keeping the beat at this age, their original music likely won’t have a regular rhythm.”

Some of these musical toddlers will grow into little singing dynamos, like Sienna Belle, the talented little girl in this video. She’s a natural talent and has the stage presence of a polished professional, something that’s pretty astounding for a child her age. With confidence, she tackles the familiar song, “Love Me Like You Do,” a tune that challenges even the best adults.

When she opens her mouth to sing, the entire room is filled with her huge voice and her flawless performance leaves an impression on everyone. For anyone who thought that she wouldn’t be able to deliver, she proved them wrong with the first note. Even her stage presence is remarkable! I would love to watch this little girl do a live show one day — I think she’s got a bright future.

Source: metaspoon



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