They Planned To Rescue 6 Puppies, But Went Home With 15 Instead


Animal shelters across the country are overcrowded, unable to hold the countless number of animals in need. A few years back, a shelter volunteer contacted Bill Foundation about a Rottweiler mix who had recently given birth in the shelter. The entire family was at risk of being euthanized, and the folks at Bill Foundation decided to head to the shelter to see if they could help. That’s when things took an unexpected turn…

On their way to the shelter, the team spotted a dog chained to a fence, sitting in her own urine and feces. They saved her, too, but it didn’t end there.

Once at the shelter, the team planned to the rescue the Rottweiler family when they realized there was another mother dog who had given birth to newborn puppies. A young terrier and her six pups would also be put down. Bill Foundation planned to rescue six dogs that day, but instead they saved the lives of 15 dogs in 15 minutes — each adopted into loving forever homes. Two mothers, 12 puppies, and one homeless stray. What an incredible feat! And in the video below, you can watch it all unfold.

Needless to say, this video is truly something special. So special, in fact, that it won Bill Foundation a grant that helped them save even more animals in need!

Bill Foundation is a Los Angeles-based rescue that helps as many dogs as possible to alleviate the suffering of those abandoned in shelters or on the street.

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