Police Officer Goes Above And Beyond To Help Elderly Woman During Storm


Many Oklahomans stocked up on canned goods and candles as a winter storm moved into the state. Thousands have been left without power, and one 80-year-old woman was among the lucky who hadn’t experienced an outage just yet. The woman, who goes only by Ms. Ross, feared that she would soon lose power in the storm and fearfully called 911. It wasn’t an emergency, but Sgt. Wilner LaGuerre could hear the fear in her voice.

Both LaGuerre, a Haitian-born National Guardsman, and Ms. Ross connected over their fluency in French — the scared woman reminded him of his own deceased mother.

“I wanted to know, in case of this storm, if someone could pick me up?” She asked softly. Afraid that her phones wouldn’t work when the power went out, the woman who lived alone just wanted someone to check on her. She believed she would only survive one or two hours if there were an outage. She didn’t want to die alone. LaGuerre got into his car to comfort the woman. He bought her a landline phone — no power needed — and some extra supplies. Ms. Ross was touched by his gesture, but it was really she who left a big impact on LaGuerre.

“That’s what we’re looking for. We’re met with so many negativity out there doing our jobs,” LaGuerre told KFOR’s Dallas Franklin before breaking down in tears.

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