Two Calves Get To Play For The First Time In Their Lives


Kai and Bali, the two calves you will see in the video below, had never had the opportunity to run and play freely in an outdoor paddock before they were rescued by Wishing Well Sanctuary. This video shows their first romp around the yard, and their pure joy is absolutely contagious. Watching Kai and Bali sprint, jump, chase each other, and just generally frolic had us grinning from ear to ear. This just goes to show that animals can express emotions very similar to those of humans; Kai and Bali’s excitement and happiness at being free is not so unfamiliar to the human desire to be unconstrained, after all.

Wishing Well Sanctuary is located in Bradford, Ontario and serves a a retreat for people seeking personal growth as well as a sanctuary for farm animals. Animals like Kai and Bali are brought to Wishing Well Sanctuary to live humanely, but they also ply an integral role in teaching important lessons to the people that visit. Wishing Well Sanctuary teaches humane education courses that promote the ideology that there is an interconnectedness between humans, animals, and our planet. The theory behind this is that, if people are taught to be compassionate and respectful in their decision-making such that they understand the ramifications of their actions, they will become much more thoughtful consumers. More thoughtful consumers will lead to less wasted food and materials, and ultimately to a healthier planet and a healthier population.

our smiles when we saw Kai and Bali’s happiness, but we were even more thrilled to see that these young calves are in the hands of some truly compassionate caregivers. What did you think of Kai and Bali? What do you think of the ideology that Wishing Well Sanctuary promotes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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