He Poured Milk Into His Coke. The Result? I’m Totally SPEECHLESS.


Milk is a common ingredient found in most fridges across America. Sure, people are now more frequently opting to go with almond milk, soy milk, or even cashew milk instead of the original stuff, but basic dairy milk still remains the number one seller.

Likewise, Coca-Cola Classic is a staple in many homes. I’m not a big soda drinker myself, but I remember when I was growing up we always had some bottles around the house. My mom wasn’t big on alcoholic drinks so she let a cold, refreshing glass of Coke poured over ice be her one vice.

Both of these ingredients can be used in a variety of recipes. Milk helps make some delicious treats, from elaborate cake to simple bowls of cereal, and the Coca-Cola company lists dozens of ways you can use Coke in your cooking. I can vouch that it’s a great addition to barbecue sauce recipes.

But have you ever considered mixing Coke and milk…together?

You probably haven’t, and when you see what happens, you’re probably not going to want to — unless you’re looking for a fun science experiment. It’s definitely not something you’re going to want to ingest.

I don’t know who first had the idea of combining these two ingredients, but the results are fascinating! If you have any kids in your life, this is a great little experiment to get them interested in the fascinating world of science.

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To start, just get yourself some milk. Don’t worry about it being “organic” — you’re not going to be drinking the stuff. Two percent milk will be the most effective.


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Next, grab a resealable bottle of Coca-Cola. This won’t work with a can or pop-off bottle top. Don’t worry about splurging on the big two-liter bottles either. No need to waste perfectly good Coke!


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Now you’re ready to go. Feel free to drink a couple sips of Coke to make room for the milk.


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Go ahead and pour some of the milk into the bottle, but not so much that it reaches the lid.


YouTube/voodoo30x via justsomething.co

While the bottle fizzes and the Coke begins to change, go ahead and screw the lid back on as tight as possible. Make sure that it’s airtight!


YouTube/voodoo30x via justsomething.co

Now you’re going to have to wait six hours. Why not enjoy a a soft drink while you do? Maybe a rum and coke? But once that six hours is over…

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You’ll see that the Coca Cola has turned completely clear and the milk is now just residue at the bottom of the bottle.


YouTube/voodoo30x via justsomething.co




Steve Spangler Science

That’s really cool, but how does it do that?



Easy: The phosphoric acid and calcium react to precipitate 3Ca + 2H3PO4 /// Ca3(PO4)2 + 3H2.


Just kidding. I have no idea what that means either.



Basically, the phosphoric acid molecules attach to milk molecules, particularly the calcium. They grow in density and sink to the bottom. The remaining liquid is much lighter and floats at the top.



That solid stuff at the bottom of the bottle is milk that’s been curdled by the extra acidity of the soft drink.



Of course, that’s not the only way you can use Coca-Cola to create experiments.


YouTube/Maricv 84

One man drank ten cokes a day for a month to see what happened…and the results?

CLICK TO REVEAL10658851_931023440259134_7741262184019824197_o-600x3372


Not surprisingly, he gained over 20 pounds, and his blood sugar levels were much higher.



A mother dropped her child’s tooth in a glass of Coke for one month.


By day 41, the tooth was so brittle it could be pierced with a needle!


And mixing Diet Coke with Mentos?


Wikipedia Commons

The results are explosive.


Please watch this video below that explains the science behind the experiment and please SHARE!




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