This Rescued Dog’s Before And After Rescue Transformation Is Incredible


It’s never okay to abandon any kind of dog, leaving it to fend for itself in often awful conditions, but some of the fancier breeds have it even worse without constant upkeep. Without regular grooming, poodles and other breeds are burdened by filthy matted dreads that can weigh just about as much as their actual bodies. It’s absolutely no way to live.

This poodle mix, named Theo, was spotted wandering the streets of Compton in Los Angeles. He was hardly recognizable as a dog and neighbors said that his previous owners moved away a year ago, leaving the pooch behind. It is heartbreaking.

Hope For Paws put together this video of the heartbreaking rescue and recovery process:


A truly unbelievable transformation!

His change of attitude is even more impressive than the physical one. With a much-needed haircut and a bit of restoration of his faith in humans, Theo is a whole new dog! If you’re in the LA area and are looking for an adorable, playful, happy pup to bring into your life, head over to The Mutt Scouts to learn more about Theo and other dogs in need of forever homes.



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