Wife Saves Husband From Falling Off A Cliff While Renewing Vows


Last month, Peter Bolton and his wife Faith were renewing their wedding vows for their fifth anniversary at the top of the Atalaya Mountain, southeast of Santa Fe. In the middle of Peter’s speech, he slips on the cliff and nearly plunges 45 feet down.

“You can tell that I’ve just lost all ability to recover on my own,” Peter says. Then, in the pivotal moment, Faith grabs onto her husband, pulling him up and saving his life.

Like the paramedic bride who rescued her father in a car accident, Faith’s got some killer instincts.

“This could have gone a lot of different ways,” he says. “It starts out with maybe a 10-, 15-foot drop and then it drops down below that another 30 feet,” said Bolton.

During his speech, Peter can be heard yelling or as he calls it “yawping.” It’s a technique championed by Robin Williams in the movie Dead Poets Society.

“[Williams] talks about yawping and it’s a way to be barbaric and celebrate life is to yawp,” Peter says. “So I was promising to her that I would ‘yawp’ more.”

However, it was that very same promise that could have ended in disaster if it weren’t for his quick-thinking wife.

“You know it shows that sometimes the people you’re around are who need to be there, exactly who needs to be there at the perfect situation,” he says about his wife turned hero.

See the incredible moment when Faith saved her husband’s life below.

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