Rude husband yells at wife for delivering baby inside his brand-new truck. Crowd stunned by wife’s reaction


Having a baby is a long and difficult process for most mothers. In the video below, a mother was rushed to the hospital by her husband, and by the time they got to the hospital, the mother was ready to have a baby. Since it is something that is not voluntary, she could not get out of their new truck on time. That meant that she had to deliver right there in their truck. There was simply no time to move her into the hospital’s delivery rooms.

Lucky for her, a doctor who was just about to leave the hospital saw the commotion and decided to find out what was going on. He found out that she was struggling to have a baby and helped out. When they were done, the doctor gave the husband the opportunity to speak to his wife after the emergency delivery that had not allowed them to speak for some 30 minutes. He was expecting the husband to maybe congratulate his wife. What the husband said shocked everybody and the wife had to slap him.

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