Security Footage Shows A Waitress’s Response To A Creepy Customer


If you’re a woman who’s worked in the restaurant industry, you probably know that customers can be creeps. One server in Russia had to deal with a particularly skeezy customer, but in the end, she’s the one who came out on top. I don’t condone violence, but I do support women who choose to defend themselves.

Sexual harassment is an issue that countless women face every day, whether they’re at work, online, or even walking down the street. This guy is proof that many men are just completely oblivious to how disgusting their actions can be, but the man that got handsy with this server is well aware of how awful he behaved— even when she slapped him for trying to put money down her shirt, he got right up and grabbed her from behind! As someone who spent a long time working in the restaurant industry, the boldness of this man doesn’t surprise me, but the server’s reaction did.

Just like these catcallers whose moms taught them a very satisfying lesson, this terrible customer got exactly what he should have. But what really bothers me is how everyone rushes over to him to see if he’s alright, even though he was the one who repeatedly touched this woman in a horribly inappropriate way.

I’m thrilled that this server stuck up for herself, but there need to be more people in the world sticking up for victims of crimes like sexual harassment. Everyone needs to see what can happen when you mess with the wrong woman! SHARE this video and help combat sexual harassment!



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