Sick and Exhausted Senior Dog Walked into an Office and Laid Down. Now She’s Finally Ready For a Home


Most people think that giant dogs can take care of themselves, thanks to their size. Sadly, that notion is wrong! All animals need love and attention in equal measure despite their size.

Tina is a senior giant dog who was found wandering in the industrial suburbs of Athens, Greece. The poor canine was exhausted, starving, and was suffering from mange. Tina found her way into an office of an industrial company, and she lay on the floor. The poor canine became weak and could go no further.

One woman sympathized with the dog and took Tina home with her. The woman knew the dog would be forced to the streets when the offices closed. The woman took the dog to the vet for treatment. The dog had a terrible smell, had a constant itch, and could barely walk.

Tina seems to enjoy her new home as she waits for adoption. Tina’s new owner loves singing to the senior dog, and the dog appears to love all the compassion directed to her.



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