Six Guys Pull Off Hilarious Synchronized Air Swimming Skit


The sport of synchronized swimming is one that takes hours of commitment, thoughtfulness, effort, talent, and skill. The few people on Earth who actually manage to pull off a successful dance are few and far between.

Like the group of 10 women who performed a synchronized dance to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” these incredible athletes have picked a true “team sport.” Not only does it take a huge amount of physical strength, but it also takes the artistic flair of a dancer in order to properly convey the passion and spirit of the song.

So when six guys decided they wanted to perform a synchronized swimming dance to AndreaBocelli’s famous song “Time to say Goodbye,” there was only one little problem… They didn’t have any water!

While to most people that would pose a significant problem, these six men came up with a brilliant solution: Just to do it anyways!

They walk up on stage, backs turned to the audience, all while in beach attire and white T-shirts. But when they turn around and you see their faces? This has to be one of the most hilarious talent show performances you could ever hope to see.

We especially love when they start diving around like dolphins, the bullyboys of the sea!

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