Soldier Returns From Deployment To Meet His Baby Girl For The First Time


You might want to bust out the hanky for this story, because I am crying like a baby…for all the right reasons!

No one deserves happiness more than our brave military heroes, who sacrifice so much for our country. If you know a soldier, you know that more often than not, the most difficult sacrifice of all can be spending time far away from their loved ones.

When U.S. Navy Lieutenant Dan Haws left for Afghanistan in 2009, he was proud to serve his country as a Dental Officer, but was forced to leave behind something most people couldn’t handle. Haws’ wife was pregnant with the couple’s first child when he got the call, and she was only five weeks away from her due date.

The soldier was not able to be present for his wife during her final days of pregnancy or when his baby girl was born. When Haws finally returned home in 2010, he was blessed to meet his beautiful little 4-month-old daughter for the very first time…and it couldn’t be more wonderful.

Filmmaker Ryan Southwell documented the emotional journey and wrote on Vimeo that “You can’t help but feel some of the patriotism when he arrives home.” This touching video truly is what makes life so beautiful!

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