Special New Canine Sunglasses Will Ensure Eye Health For Dogs Everywhere


Jesse and Aiden loved more than anything to go hiking in the wild forests of their native Wyoming. Hiking on and off the mountain trails, the humans loved their dogs and the dogs loved their humans.

But after a few years marching on the trail every weekend, both Jesse and Aiden realized that their dogs seemed to be suffering from some sort of eye trouble. The dogs were still pretty young, so for both of them to be showing such problems in their early years seemed wrong.

The vet said that the dogs were suffering eye damage from so much exposure to the sun; something that neither Jesse nor Aiden had ever even thought of, let alone worried about. It turns out that dogs, just like humans, can suffer eye damage due to the sun.

Even though many of us assume that dogs, who were once wild animals, wouldn’t have any trouble actively playing outside on sunny days, the vet advised that both dogs either needed to stop participating in the hikes or they needed some sort of safety glasses to protect their eyes. Unable to find goggles that they felt were reliable, the duo decided to make their own protective glasses.

The result was Rex Specs. Dog goggles that have since become popular with hikers, as well as K9 units all over America. The glasses protect dogs from the wind caused by landing helicopters, as well as safeguarding them from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Now Aiden and Jesse are back on the trails hiking with their beloved (and bespectacled) dogs!

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