Sweet Pit Bull Meets A Litter Of Newborns! You Have To See What Happens!


Having a new litter of kittens in the home is quite the handful on its own. Add a new puppy dog to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for fun… and chaos!

Even if you’re the biggest fluffy kitty fan, you have to admit that the new littler of Cornish Rex hairless cats in this video are completely adorable! The brothers and sisters in this video are just getting to know each other and having the usual sibling quarrels, until they realize that they have a new friend in the house.

Adorable Pit Bull pup, Wilbur is completely loving his big brother status in the house… even if he’s still just a little guy. Don’t you love how he plays with AND protects the little kittens?! It completely melts my heart!

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