The Tampa Bay Rays Surprise Military Family With A Special Visitor


When the family in this video went to the Tampa Bay Rays game, they were not expecting what was about to happen. Over the loudspeaker, the announcer welcomed them and said they had a special message. When her husband appeared on video on the big screen, she and her children could not believe their eyes. When they find out he is really there in person and not still deployed, the tears begin to flow!

This is such a sweet video to watch! This family has been missing their dad for a long time and now he is there with them. Seeing the little boy wiping his tears away while his daddy holds him is priceless! This little guy is truly a Daddy’s Boy! It is amazing how The Rays helped make this amazing surprise happen. To honor this brave United States Navy Petty Officer First Class, Please SHARE on Facebook for all to see.



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