He Tells His Dog He Got a New Kitten. The Dog’s Comeback Has Internet In Stitches


Some dogs are smart; others are just too smart. The dog in this video “speaks” to his human, and they’ve even come up with the perfect language just between them. Now you’ll love what’s happening in the video!

You see, sometimes back, the dog had expressed interest in getting someone to play with, besides the human friend. So when the human got a chance, he adopted a cat. However, he first has to hold a discussion with the dog about the new family member so they can chart the “way forward.”

In the video, you’re treated to a scene of the two as they get themselves in a conversational mood. The human has learned the “dog language,” so he goes ahead and hits the canine with the good news. His reaction? He can’t believe it!

This is awesome! You just can’t believe a dog and human can converse and understand each other like this. I must say I’m profoundly impressed!

Watch and fall in love with the canine’s reaction to the good news.

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